Created in collaboration with Nayi Disha, India to answer parents’ questions about children’s health, development and disability.

Episode 4

In this episode, I have provided ideas for keeping special children active and well during the Covid times:


Episode 3: Parents’ questions about Covid

In this episode I have answered questions from parents about Covid:


Episode 2


  1. My child with autism can say words but not string them into sentences. What to do and how to help him?
  2. My Child has sleep issues and is moody. How to improve his sleep?
  3. My child kicks a lot during sleep. Should I be worried? What to do about it?
  4. My child has been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. What line of therapy intervention is recommended for managing such a diagnosis?
  5. My child with Down’s syndrome has alopecia and there are bald patches on the scalp. What to do?

Links for resources from the Nayi Disha Resource Centre:




Episode 1


1: My child has been diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome and has epilepsy. Is it safe to get vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine?

2: The child speaks only a few words and does not respond to being called by name. What should I do?

3: My child is non-verbal and needs help with communication. What can I do if speech is of concern?

4: Can Autism be cured with medication?

5: Is stem cell therapy safe for the health management of a child with Autism? Is there any evidence for efficacy?

Links for resources from the Nayi Disha Resource Centre:

Promoting language:

Language booklet https://www.nayi-disha.org/article/guide-promote-your-childs-language-development-skills-englishhinditelugu


Early signs of autism in children up to five years of age

Early signs of autism 5 to 11 years of age

Causes & Cure for Autism: What we know & what we don’t know?